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"ThunderBolt is the world's most advanced hand-held
portable lightning storm detector and tracker.
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"A ThunderBolt™ Lightning Detector should be standard equipment for anyone who
plays or works outdoors or for anyone who supervises these people..."
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The need for a lightning detector becomes obvious when you understand how lightning actually works. The need for a professional quality ThunderBolt Lightning Detector becomes obvious when you understand how lightning detectors work. Here's why...
  • A ThunderBolt Lightning Detector is the only way to reliably know when you're in danger of getting struck by lightning because the Flash to Bang Method most people rely on doesn't work. The primary reason is because thunder can typically only be heard when the lightning strike is 2 to 4 miles away. You are in danger of being struck by lightning when the leading or trailing edge of the storm cell is 8 miles away. That's why 60% of people struck by lightning have no prior visual or audible warning. 90% of people struck are struck under blue skies. 30% are struck before the storm is overhead. 60% are struck after they think the storm has passed and it's safe to go back outside.
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  • You get the critical time you need to be safe because... according to the National Weather Service website... "the only safe action is to get inside a lightning safe building or lightning safe vehicle". Your ThunderBolt is a lightning storm detector that can detect lightning strikes and track active thunderstorms up to 75 miles away. It calculates the ETA so you know how much time you have to get to safe shelter.
  • It will tell you if a storm is not heading toward you.
    That's important because you won't stop outdoor work, cancel a game, clear the pool or scramble down the mountain unnecessarily.
  • Their state-of-the-art design makes competing hand held portable lightning detectors obsolete. Here's just some of the information a ThunderBolt provides via flashing LED lights, Audible Alarms and via Text Messages on its 2 x 16 LCD backlit display.
    • How many minutes you have before the storm is local (within 8 miles) and dangerous
    • If it's one storm, multiple storms or a squall line to give you a better idea the total situation and how to prepare
    • If the storm is heading away from you and not a threat
    • How long to wait until it is safe to resume outdoor activities. This time is continuously updated and detects if the storm slows down or stalls.
    Click here to compare the ThunderBolt to competing hand held lightning detectors...
  • You'll get far fewer false alarms than with other lightning detectors because...
    • ThunderBolt has a sophisticated, exclusive, and patented NOISE TEST feature. The purpose of the NOISE TEST is to detect and ignore non-storm related electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the operating area.
    • It automatically detects and eliminates EMI noise while it operates.
  • It's accurate...
    • Storm Detection Accuracy - 100% within 5 minutes of turning on your ThunderBolt.
    • Storm Approach Tracking Accuracy - ±10%
    • Storm Range Accuracy -
      ±1% @ 10 mi.; ±5% @ 40 mi.; ±7% @ 75 mi.
  • It can be used outdoors as a hand held portable lightning detector or indoors as a base station.
    Use it Indoors
    ThunderBolt Lightning Detector and Storm Detector in Desk Stand
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    to see a bigger picture.

     Use it Outdoors
    ThunderBolt Lightning Detector and Storm Detector in Nylon Carry Pouch
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  • The ongoing cost of ownership is low and it's convenient to use because it's self-contained and functions independently from all external data sources so there's...
    • No costly subscriptions or monthly fees.
    • No need to hook up to a PC or notebook computer
    • Everything you need is right in your hand!
  • New!  ThunderBolt Area Warning System
    Use one ThunderBolt Lightning Detector to protect large areas or complexes via audio and visual alarms and/or via text messages automatically sent to cell phones.
ThunderBolt Lightning Detector Models
$559.95 to $1,074.95*

*Includes Free Shipping to the U.S.
Justifying the Cost
Size: 6.25" x 4.9" x 1.4"
Weight (with battery): 10.7 oz.
  • Reasons to buy your ThunderBolt here...
    • I specialize in ThunderBolt Lightning Detectors because I sincerely believe lightning detection and safety are just too important to trust to anything but the best portable lightning detectors on the market.
    • Talk to a live person who actually uses ThunderBolt Lightning Detectors and thoroughly understands them. You'll get intelligent, informed answers to your questions both before and after the sale.
  • You're far safer using a ThunderBolt Lightning Detector than using a NOAA Weather Alert Radio alone because NOAA Weather Alerts are based on radar analysis and are delayed by 10 to 15 minutes. Weather Alerts... even those Specific Alert Messaging Encoding (S.A.M.E. Codes)... cover very large areas that may or may not affect where you are specifically located. ThunderBolt Storm Detectors are self-contained, sophisticated hand held portable storm trackers that analyze data in true real time. It also analyzes the storm data it collects and predicts how the storm will affect you in the exact spot where you're standing.

    A ThunderBolt does not replace the need for a NOAA Weather Alert Radio because the NOAA Weather Alerts tell you what to expect. So if the ThunderBolt tells you a storm is approaching you will know what that storm may contain in addition to lightning. A radio with All-Hazard Public Alert capability will also keep you informed about most non-weather related hazardous situations.

    Using a portable lightning detector with a high quality NOAA Weather Alert Radio substantially reduces the risk of being struck by lightning. But nothing can completely eliminate the risk of getting struck by lighning.
  • Setup is simple and you can easily customize the settings to suite your particular needs. Click here to find out more about Setup and Settings...
  • It's easy to use in the dark because the display has a backlight feature that can be disabled to conserve the battery when you don't need it.
  • It operates for 50 to 60 hours using a standard 9v battery (included). Operates approximately 200 hours using the optional Lithium External Battery Pack.
  • You'll know you need to replace the battery before it actually runs out because it will start displaying a low battery warning message when battery life drops below 5 to 7 hrs.
  • Installing and replacing the battery is simple and quick. Click here to find out how change the battery...
  • They're reliable with a Return/Repair Rate of just 1.6% and have an estimated service life of 45,000 hrs.
  • You have no risk...
    • You get a Full Cash Back Satisfaction Guarantee -
      if you're not happy simply send it back within 45 days for a full refund (less freight).
    • Warranty - 3 years.
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      to read the Warranty
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    Made in the USA!
    • Serviceability - In the unlikely event that your ThunderBolt has a problem it can be repaired because the case is not sealed. Service is convenient because they're manufactured and serviced in the USA. Click here to find out about the Service and Repair Policy...
    • Upgradable - Upgrade to the newest storm tracker software releases.
      Click here to find out about Software Upgrades
    • Great Support is just a phone call away. If you have questions or run into a problem you can call me for help at
      1-888-205-4477 or the manufacturer because they're located in the USA.
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