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What are S.A.M.E. NOAA Weather Radio Codes?
Midland HH54VP2 NOAA Weather Alert Radio
Allows you to specifically monitor between 1 and 9 S.A.M.E. Codes
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Size: 3 in. x 6¾ in. x 1¼ in.
Weight: 9 oz. including rechargeable battery pack.
The National Weather service divides the United States by state and county (or parish) and assigns a six digit code number called a FIPS (Federal Information Processing System) code, also known as a S.A.M.E. county code.
  • The first digit is the sub county code-currently 0 in most
  • The second two digits represent the state code.
  • The last three digits represent the county code.

Some weather alert radios allow you to program one or more of SAME Codes into the radio warnings, watches, advisories and statements to the specific areas related to the SAME Codes you entered. It cuts down on the "noise" of having to listen to alerts that do not affect your specific location(s) of interest.

How to get S.A.M.E. Codes for your county and state...

Call the National Weather Service at 888-697-7263. You'll be guided through getting the codes by entering county and state information with your touch tone telephone keypad.

Get your S.A.M.E. Codes online by visiting the National Weather Service website at:


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